The Termination

Rights are not stolen with a flash

but with a whisper

A rough scrawl and a click

tighten the chains

in one



in three two one

we return to the highways

forget the signs and shouts

we live with the termination

unseen are the prison doors

in the illusion of rights carved in stone

nay these rights are written in sand

hardened to our eyes

but melts at the slightest sun

these rights inscribed in textbooks

they vanish in a breath

the oasis of equality terminated

only the elegy whispered by the grave

what landmarks are these

that fall so soon

what landmarks are these

to be broken by a pen

a pen is no sword

a mere knife

the wounds heal too easy

a raised hand consigns the definition of humanity to nine

places one more stake in the divide

and the present in the hands of the past

in return

the shouts bounce off the wall

spreading cold intolerance and injustice

Our fate is seized by the few

with no pill for what plagues us

is there a surgery to remove all that haunts us?

or have we reached the termination of dreams?
rights float away like feathers

and we are left to reshape a world of burning paper



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